Womb/Hara Wisdom Workshop

Womb/Hara Wisdom Workshop

10-12 May 2019 - Istanbul - Turkey

9.30am - 6pm

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Throughout the ages in every civilization there has been a hidden pathway, a secret technology which enables the individual to reach the ultimate potential. That greatness is within every one of us. Deep within you, there is this voice waiting to arise … a voice that you know, but which has been buried. This voice is not outside you in gurus or masters. It is the Voice of your Womb/Hara. 

The Womb/Hara is the key generator of tremendous creative potential, vitality, sensuality, heart power and manifestation. It not only births children, but projects, spiritual potential, personal healing and the depths of relating we all yearn for. It brings fullness, balance and loving power to your deepest relationships, and is the crucible for Sacred Union between man and woman.

The Womb is the foundation of a woman, the rich soil and immovable centre of silent power that allows the heart to bloom and open safely and fully. It has been covered by fear, betrayal, judgment, ignorance, sexual issues and the loss/ abuse of power. It's wisdom and power have been forgotten by most people, and deliberately hidden by others because it is the link to the Galactic Centre or Galactic Womb, found in every woman. It is a huge Key in post 2012, and the birthing of a new humanity. All birth happens through a womb, a crucible for creation 

Ha Ra. Ha means space and spaciousness. Ra means fire, fire which burns, fire which transforms, fire which creates, fire which is a fuel for light. Ha Ra means the space of fire, the space which fire inhabits, the space or container which holds fire. In this holding, fire fills space, until fire and space are One.

Hara is the space where the masculine spirit anchors into the physical body to hold itself whole, and to express itself passionately and directly in the world. It is a man’s innate centre of gravity and felt presence, in harmony with the heart.

Hara is a centre for will, for individuation of the soul, and for the power to enforce and bring Self into action, into the world. Hara enforces boundaries personally and spiritually to allow Self to be what it is on earth and in relationships. It allows and anchors the limitless to take hold in human form and embody on earth. It is a mans centre of physical health, wholeness and strength. 

In this Workshop, you will experience secret wisdoms, powerful openings and healings from the Christed, Tibetan, Egyptian and Eastern sacred traditions to connect the loving heart to the rich, deep, knowing power of the womb and hara. This is a powerful, deeply healing and transforming 3 Days designed to give you a full, practical experience of the Womb-Grail and Hara by uniting Christ Conscious Teachings with Tantra yogas from the East. We are here to help transform you. 

In this workshop we will connect with the womb and hara, clear away past memories, connections and heavy emotions to open out into a rebirth of potential. Upon this template we can rebuild our lives in order to rotate around this sacred temple, space, drawing women and men back into being womb/hara and heart centered, rather than head-centered. Conscious birthing, conscious pregnancy and conscious parenting are a big part of the new paradigm for both men and women, and Womb Wisdom is the key to this. Clearing and opening the womb and hara allows the new children to be birthed in a new way at a high vibration. If the mother and father are clear, then a higher frequency child’s soul will come into her body, attracted by the sanctity of her womb and the sacred love within her, and the Union between her and her partner. These new children are our future, the basis for an awakened human civilization. 

This workshop is open to men and women.

In this 3 Day Womb Wisdom Workshop you will also experience:
• Become your own Guide by reconnecting to the Voice of your Womb/Hara.
• Womb and Hara yoga and Ovary/Testes breathing
• Dance of the Womb and the Solar Womb Kriya
• Womb and Hara Healings from the Christ Lineage
• Find the map to your relationships and what is living within your centre 
• Meditations to ignite the Pathways of the Womb-Heart, Hara-Heart
• And much more! 


The workshop is open for men and women. This work is equally important for both. 

Dates: 10-12 May 2019  Friday and Saturday  09:30 – 18:00 and Sunday  09:30 – 16:00

Location:  Kanlica Mah. Haci Muhittin Sk. No:35 Beykoz / Istanbul - Turkey

Contact and registration:  Yagmur Tugrul tel 0 216 680 91 91 / 0 549 203 04 96 or e-mail:

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